Trigger Happy!

(Welcoming & working with triggers)

Welcoming Triggers!?

I hate when I get triggered, let alone when my partner or friends do! I just want to get rid of that!

Well you’re not alone, triggered states are gnarly awful places to be. We get scared, suspicious, project on others, judge ourselves ~ and we feel like we have to bolt, attack something, or just freeze up like a deer in the headlights! 😀 It’s generally pretty miserable, and it can affect our health & well being, muck up our most important relationships, and derail our success in life & work. Yuk, no fun at all…

But “The Treasure is in the Triggers”

What did you just say? That’s right, if we want to be free of our triggers, we need to relax the impulse to get past them so fast, slow things down, and get really curious about them. Learn to deepen our capacity to hold space for ourselves and others. And that’s a skill we can learn. But there’s more to it ~ just HOW do we do that? When we’re triggered, we’re in a reaction, how can we get back on top and in the flow? And how can we create the kind of relationships where we have allies in this work?

Our triggers show us where our wounds and conditioning are, I’m talking trauma, and punishment-reward reactions. It’s like we have a mine field, and other people, places, and things step on them and set them off. The things that trigger us may be good or bad, but the triggers are always inside of us, not about what triggered us. It’s vulnerable work, but we create a super safe & supportive space, and it goes quicker than we would think, and can be more fun and fulfilling, when we have the right understandings and approach.

In this workshop we will explore:


☸ A detailed insightful understanding of Triggers and Trauma

☸ Our own territory of land mines

☸ What triggers us, and how do we react when it does?

☸ Excactly how to deepen our capacity to hold space for ourselves & others

☸ How to know what, how, and when to be more vulnerable with others

☸ How to negotiate and cultivate relationships we can do more healing in

☸ Skillful ways to dissolve the triggers and get the treasure!

Join us for this deep and lightly held inner work which is a crucial foundation for stable Heart Awakening.
Highly recommended for Self-Sourcing attendees.

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The Journey of Sacred Relationship


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Erotic Healing Arts
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Seattle WAOpening Intensive
2 Weekends
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Awakening the Constant Heart
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Keys to Freedom
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Praise for David Imiri

“Wow! No words. Heart wide, smile bright, energy flowing in deeeeeep appreciation. Receiving and savoring. Grateful. So much appreciation for all the heart, body and spirit wisdom that you bring in each precious unfolding moment.
Thank you David. Your essence brings so much medicine.”
~ Lorina Manzanita, Somatic Relationship Coach and Workshop Leader, CA

“Oh my god you are amazing. Every time we meet with you, we seem to evolve in our relationship. Your expertise and kindness are priceless. I am in awe about how perceptive you continue to be. It’s pretty incredible. Thank you for your help, you are delightful. Eternally grateful. ♡”
~ Jennie

“I am amazed at how effective David’s methods are. By gently guiding me through difficult emotions and situations, he helped me achieve a powerful, trusting, and meaningful relationship with my partner as well as with myself. We are super happy with the work David has done with us, both individually and as a couple. I did not know it was even possible to have such a conscious, loving relationship but here we are – and David helped us get there! David, I cannot thank you enough!”
~ Aron S, Avian Zoologist

“Be ready to dive deep. The opportunity is there and David provides a safe supportive space.”
~ Anne Marie, Santa Rosa


David Imiri: David’s work is about awakening and stabilizing authentic Heart presence, with a focus on sacred intimacy. He brings deep and well-honed abilities of holding space, insight & articulation, intuition & gentle challenge, and nurturing care. Having practiced individual and relationship counseling, bodywork, and led groups for 30 years, David has received initiation in several spiritual traditions and been mentored by a number of eclectic trailblazers. Devotional by nature, his special pleasure is in mentoring clients and beloved friends into greater love, authenticity, self-empowerment, and expansive possibility. David aims to do all things in a relaxed spirit of skillful, creative play and adventure.

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