Ocean of Devotion:

Tantric Kirtan Puja

…..Come join David Imiri and special guest performers…..

~ to the archipelago where Bhakti meets Tantra ~

Come voyage with us through the healing waters of love and devotion! We set sail for a full day of immersion in heart nourishing sounds, loving caresses, enlivening movement, and soulful transformations ~ bringing Kirtan and Puja into a sacred union of tribal communion and the journey of devotional love.

Gather in sacred community to explore, heal, and drink deep in the realms of spiritual devotion, sensual energy expression and intimate sharing. Through the addition of Sacred Chant we will experience Tantric Puja in a new way ~ accompanied by the heart opening vibrations of live Kirtan and our own voices, we will dive into authentic communion and self-revelation as we berth at a series of islands along the way to explore the hidden coves and eddies of our hearts.

All are welcome. No experience necessary.

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The union of Kirtan and Tantra was pioneered by Deborah ‘Taj’ Anapol, and carried forward by Adam Bauer. Adam and David designed a weekend retreat in 2015 further developing this genre, and David now offers Ocean of Devotion as a day long immersion in Tantric Kirtan Puja, in collaboration with extraordinary Kirtan performers.

Videos from the original Ocean of Devotion retreat:

Ocean of Devotion: The Music Video

Ocean of Devotion: The Interview

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