Erotic Healing Arts Practitioner Certificate Training Application

Thank you for applying to the practitioner training. To protect your privacy with an abundance of caution, create any unique name that cannot be associated with you, and message me that name through another channel, like email or text message, etc. All your responses are held in strict confidentiality.

Pay for your training now

In the event your application is not accepted, you will receive a full refund
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One Payment: Lowest Price

Individual: 1 Payment $597
(Never again at this low price)

Couple: 1 Payment $1095
(Both must complete application)

Installment Plans

2 Payments $324/bi-weekly
+ $25 one time payment plan fee

2 Payments $324/monthly
+ $50 one time payment plan fee

3 Payments $233/bi-weekly
+ $25 one time payment plan fee

3 Payments $233/monthly
+ $50 one time payment plan fee

Optional Lodging Onsite

$30 per person, per night
Please bring as much of your own bedding as you can

Receiving is as important as giving

In fact it’s part of the training. Receiving sessions (at least one) from an experienced and skilled practitioner connected with the training is highly recommended, though not required. Please take advantage of the proximity of such people, and make good use of us. Your process, healing, and future clients/partners will all benefit.

Daka & Dakini sessions are available to trainees at greatly reduced rates, and may be scheduled in advance. If the price puts this out of reach for you, please talk to us, we would like everyone who is open to this to have one.

2 hr. Daka Session w/ David Imiri $250

2 hr. Dakini Session w/ Female Practitioner $250

2 hr. Daka/Dakini Session for Practitioner Trainees
A special healing treat: $500
David & Female practitioner together

Passionate Awakenings