Tantric Cuddle Yoga Sutra

Welcome to a new frontier in nurturing sensuality…

This is a sequence of wonderful cuddle asanas for two, where we take a musical journey and connect deeply with our partner at each chakra. They are natural and elegant, fitting together like hand and glove ~ allowing us to sweetly commune and align our energy bodies. Drawing from a deep well of Yogic, Taoist, and Scientific background, this is a sophisticated and deeply nurturing practice. Cuddle Yoga Sutra is based on the work of Tahil Gesyuk & Viviana Lahrs, presented here with permission, and adapted to Tantra. (Video available for practice at home: http://www.heartsource.center/store/) Deeply relaxing and soothing, this is a perfect warm-up or cool-down for Tantra.

Followed by time for free Tantric cuddling and play, this is a very satisfying evening, nourishing to the heart, spirit, and body.

Tantric Cuddle Yoga Sutra will help you:
☸ Release oxytocin and leave you feeling deeply relaxed and nurtured
☸ Feel more resourced in moments of stress or overwhelm
☸ Create more secure attachments with others
☸ Learn an effective way to put your beloved at ease and melt in each others arms
☸ Practice the art of being held and providing healing embrace

Tantric Cuddle Yoga Sutra is a partnering oriented event, meaning you will partner with one person for the whole sequence. You can bring a partner or partner at the event, we’ll do our best to balance for your preferred gender. We’ll be fully clothed the whole time, and the positions involve closeness and body contact, but are not sexual or designed to arouse. Best to have loose comfortable clothes, like sweats or harem pants.

Join us for this juicy ecstatic evening of elevated sensuality. Highly recommended for Erotic Devotion attendees.

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Tantric Dating
w/Catherine Auman
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Seattle WA

Thu Feb 15

7-10:30 PM

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Breath & Touch

AND Portland
(2 events, video link)

Sat Feb 24

7-10:30 PM

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Trigger Happy!
Live AND Online

Seattle WA
AND Online

Sat Mar 24

7:00-10:30 PM

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Sacred Cacao
w/Paula Kohatsu

Seattle WA

Thu Mar 29

7-10:30 PM

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Erotic Devotion
(Passionate Awakenings Level 1)
Seattle WAFri-Sun Mar 30 - Apr 1Fri 7-10:30,
Sat 10-10, Sun 10-9
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(Passionate Awakenings Level 2)
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Sat 10-10, Sun 10-9
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Awakening the Constant Heart
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New Info SoonFri 7-10:30,
Sat 10-10, Sun 10-9
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Keys to Freedom
(Passionate Awakenings Level 4)
New Info SoonFri 7-10:30,
Sat 10-10, Sun 10-9
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Intro to Erotic HealingSeattle WAFri Jul 67-10:30 PMRegister Now
Erotic Healing for LoversSeattle WAFri-Sun Jul 13-15Fri 7-10:30,
Sat 10-10, Sun 10-6
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Intro to Erotic HealingSeattle WAWed Jul 187-10:30 PMRegister Now
Erotic Healing Arts
(3 Month Practitioner Certificate Training)
Seattle WAOpening Intensive
2 Weekends
Jul 27-29, Aug 3-5
Fri 7-10:30,
Sat 10-10, Sun 10-9
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Tantric Awakening Experience Retreat
w/ David Imiri
& Paula Kohatsu

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dec 28 - Jan 2

6 Days

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Erotic Healing Arts in Brazil
(3 Month Practitioner Certificate Training)

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Opening Intensive Week
Jan 9

6 Days

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TESTIMONIES of past attendees:

“David is a holistic slow jam tantra event master. He creates an open and supportive space to feel into the moment in full sensuality experiential mode with yourself and others in a safe and nurturing way. I was overflowing with heart opening after the events! Highly recommended!”
~ Paul Antico

“Wow! No words. Heart wide, smile bright, energy flowing in deeeeeep appreciation. Receiving and savoring. Grateful. So much appreciation for all the heart, body and spirit wisdom that you bring in each precious unfolding moment. Thank you David. Your essence brings so much medicine.”
~ Lorina Manzanita, Somatic Relationship Coach and Workshop Leader

“I see that you are a real master of love, and that you excel in guiding people into a space of flowing relaxed openness and presence.
Your voice was wonderful to listen to.
~ Amara Karuna, Tantra Teacher

“David holds a beautiful, welcoming, and forgiving space. His passion is clearly directed towards life and in service to the awakening of all. His wisdom runs deep and thorough. Satisfying for the mind, heart, and body.”
~ Lisa Price, Oakland

David Imiri: David’s work is about awakening and stabilizing authentic Heart presence, with a focus on sacred intimacy. He brings deep and well-honed abilities of holding space, insight & articulation, intuition & gentle challenge, and nurturing care. Having practiced individual and relationship counseling, bodywork, and led groups for 30 years, David has received initiation in several spiritual traditions and been mentored by a number of eclectic trailblazers. Devotional by nature, his special pleasure is in mentoring clients and beloved friends into greater love, authenticity, self-empowerment, and expansive possibility. David aims to do all things in a relaxed spirit of skillful, creative play and adventure.