Session Work with David Imiri

I’ve done coaching, counseling, and bodywork for over 30 years. I call myself an Awakening Coach, so this is really the context for everything I offer, and the way we approach it, whatever the focus of your needs, desires, and goals. I have expertise in a whole range of areas, you can explore these by clicking the categories below. I love to create lasting relationships with clients and students, but blocks of session work are generally short term ~ work with me goes very deep and rapid results are typical. It’s best to work within a package of sessions, because that creates a container where we can go deeper quicker, but you’re also free to sample a single session. With the exception of Daka work (3 hour sessions), sessions of any other type last from 1 to 2 hours (typically 1-1.5) to allow space for the session to come to completion naturally. Pricing is per session, not per hour. Adjustments can sometimes be made for regional differences and financial hardships. Prices are reduced within packages of sessions, and installment plans for packages and trainings are available. These details are discussed in the consultation. Any sessions except touch are available over Zoom video conference, from anywhere in the world. (These work great!) You’re also welcome to come work in person if we’re in the same city at that time. I’m available to travel for ‘session intensives’ for several people, or if I’m touring your city with workshops & trainings. (ask about this!)

I look forward to many Passionate Awakenings with you!

Types of Sessions

Your sessions may include any combination of these focus areas
(click tabs below for more info)

Awakening Coaching

Awakening Coaching: Integrate Authentic Heart Presence & Flow
Profound experiential work on presence, unconditioned consciousness, transcendence. Includes deep (and often enjoyable) work on self-connection & self-sourcing, triggered states, shifting beliefs and paradigms, identity structures, and centering in the present. The aim is a stable consistent heart opening, and relaxed, fluid, buoyant, creative, dynamic, uninhibited, authentic states of connected participation, presence, and pleasure in life ~ independent of outer conditions.

“I see that you are a real master of love, and that you excel in guiding people into a space of flowing relaxed openness and presence. Your voice was wonderful to listen to.”
~ Amara Karuna, Tantra teacher, HI

“David, I want to share some credit I received with you. I just gave a powerful healing session to a client of mine, and when he got off the table, he basically bowed down low and was in a state of gratitude and awe I haven’t seen yet in receivers… And I truly think you helping me tend to my heart had a lot to do with how much love I could channel through my hands. So there… Thanks for being with me in session.”
~ A Healer & Life Coach

Life & Business Coaching, Pathfinding

Counseling & Coaching, Specialties Include:

Visioning/Path-finding/Transitions: Is life showing you another crossroads, revealing the end of old roads and the need for new ones? Is reality distorting your plans and pictures about it again? Everything that is happening now is exactly what you need and are ready for, to open the next chapter of your deeper fulfillment. It’s always the wisdom or fruits to bring you deeper into truth, into love, into alignment, into your calling and service. But transitions require skill and cultivating the inner and outer conditions which will allow the new shoots to emerge and flourish, and are best managed deliberately with forethought, when possible. And that’s at every stage: exploration, visioning, implementing, and development. I’m there for you with strong skills for each phase. I especially love supporting this kind of transformation for emerging leaders.

Personal Empowerment: Decades of training and practice counselling and leading Inner Work & Men’s Empowerment groups, years on staff with workshop organizations (including Motherwave Awakening Trainings with Katie & Jitendra Darling), assisting with Landmark Forum/EST Trainings (logistics supervisor for Power of Being seminar series and the 6 Day Course back in the 80’s), and practice of Akaido. I now support a deeply self-connected and Taoist model of empowerment, “the gentle wind aligned with the strong forces follows the current and prevails in all things…”

Business & Projects ~ Strategy & Action: Running multiple businesses has made me a highly skilled and astute guide in these areas. Savvy to real world business realities, the importance of business relationships, and marketing tactics, especially internet. My past businesses through the years have included real estate investing, solar & building contracting, and e-commerce. I attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC before my healing arts training. I’m adept at Photoshop and WordPress, I’ve always created my own websites and marketing materials (including this website and all my workshop banners), and I’ve done that for others and am still occasionally available for projects.
Here’s a few samples of websites I’ve designed and built:
ISTA Tantra Trainings
Sumati Sparks
Paloma Dakini

Healing from Trauma & PTSD

Healing from trauma & PTSD:
(somatic, experiential, & cognitive)

My own experience of recovering completely from severe PTSD has made me sensitive to what it’s like to live with and how to recover. All my work includes work with trauma, including Tantra and Awakening coaching, because I see trauma as underlying all our issues, and ego itself. Working gently and steadily on multiple levels to integrate splits, release contractions, understand our experience, and create life conditions that best support healing. My unique and gentle approach addresses how trauma functions in present time in our body, energy, and attention. Trauma work can be very effective through experiential coaching sessions alone, and this is my main way of working, though bodywork is sometimes a helpful adjunct when possible.

Trauma is not only from a specific severe event, but also often arises from sustained relational predicaments and conditions with early caregivers and other significant relationships, or from social conditions, especially within marginalized groups. Trauma affects our bodies, our sensitivities, our relationships, and our functioning. Trauma manifests as: hyperarousal & hypervigilance, contraction & constriction, dissociation, and freezing or immobility with feelings of helplessness. All trauma can heal completely. Yes, including yours…

“After a few sessions with David, I experienced a transformational change. I woke up in the middle of the night and everything was different. FREEDOM. I am now more present, interactive, and alive, instead of introspective and quiet. Decisions now come from awareness available in the present moment rather than from the past. As you would put it CONNECTION TO MYSELF. Overnight, I got at a deeper level what those three words mean. The awareness of new energetics and ways of embodying the choice is priceless. I fully take up space, and have more fun. A whole new world of choices and options have opened up. Much love and gratitude.”
~ L.C.

“My sessions with David have brought me some of the most profound healings I have experienced. Each session I find myself deepening ever more into a peaceful surrender to the unfolding of my own process that leaves me both enlivened and deeply relaxed. I highly recommend David to anyone who wants to drop deeply into themselves, cradled within the safe and loving container that he holds.”
~ Gwen

Therapeutic Bodywork

Therapeutic Bodywork: Nurturing and relaxing
While pleasurable and sensual, this is strictly non-sexual. Modalities include Swedish/Esalen Massage, Breema, Shiatsu, and Polarity Therapy, woven together in my special blend developed over decades. Relax and be pampered in a beautiful sacred space, held in luscious music and atmosphere, with exquisitely skillful touch and loving presence. Deeply nourishing.

“David’s massage is therapeutic and deep. He always puts me into a beautiful space where I am totally relaxed and at peace. He is connected to his intuition and knows just what is needed where and when. I highly recommend his massage work to reduce stress and create rejuvenation. He is also generous with his time and focuses on relaxation of the whole being.”
~ Dr. Ann West

“David Imiri is a beautiful soul who has a very divine attitude towards love and uses his healing hands for the betterment of the individuals in his life. Whether you want a hug or a massage, David is ready to make himself completely present to offer you his absolute best. I used to manage a high end massage clinic and can be quite directive in my needs being heard and met. All that being said, David has enabled me to relax with his genuine gift of deep caring and sweetness, which is not often found in most male masseurs.”
~ Melinda

Love Coaching for Relationships

Love Coaching & Relationship Counseling
for Couples, Polyamory, Groups of any kind

With 30 years of experience in NVC and Compassionate Communication, David is a master at getting hearts untangled, feelings felt and heard, needs and desires met. Decades of familiarity with polyamory and transitions, respect and understanding of exclusivity and monogamy, welcoming of gender differences or fluidity and all manner of kinks. David is also available for various customized mediation, intervention, and restorative justice situations. David steadfastly holds the safest space for hearts to come forth and connect.

“I am amazed at how effective David’s methods are. By gently guiding me through difficult emotions and situations, he helped me achieve a powerful, trusting, and meaningful relationship with my partner as well as with myself. We are super happy with the work David has done with us, both individually and as a couple. I did not know it was even possible to have such a conscious, loving relationship but here we are – and David helped us get there! David, I cannot thank you enough!”
~ Aron S, Avian Zoologist

“Oh my god you are amazing. Every time we meet with you, we seem to evolve in our relationship. Your expertise and kindness are priceless. I am in awe about how perceptive you continue to be. It’s pretty incredible. Thank you for your help. Eternally grateful. ♡”
~ Jennie

“Without a doubt David Imiri came into my life and assisted myself as well as my partner through some very crucial transitions. I believe that without his loving presence we would not be where we are today. I believe firmly in coaching as a catalyst for transformation in oneself and one’s relationships. David Imiri is an excellent catalyst. I highly recommend him. Much love”
~ T

Tantra Education

Tantra Education & Training:
for Couples and Individuals

Can be as tame or deep as you like and are ready for, and no sexual contact is ever required. I can introduce you to many heart opening, soulful, and ecstatic practices and exercises, including beautiful ceremonies honoring and celebrating erotic life energy and integrating erotic and spiritual energy. These practices are always deeply heart centered, and can open chakras, clear deep blocks, heal emotional wounding, and access profound states of pleasure and love.
Tantra as a path of authentic awakening, from the INside Out.

“I loved how expansive, articulate, and precise you were about specific aspects of the heart awakening process – the missing piece of Tantra taught elsewhere. If you want advanced guidance for deepening into your heart center, go be in this man’s field – he’s brilliant.”
~ Jill Nagle, founder, Wisdom Of The Body

“Wow! No words. Heart wide, smile bright, energy flowing in deeeeeep appreciation. Receiving and savoring. Grateful. So much appreciation for all the heart, body and spirit wisdom that you bring in each precious unfolding moment. Thank you David. Your essence brings so much medicine.”
~ Lorina Manzanita, Somatic Relationship Coach & Workshop Leader

Intimate Healing: Daka Work

Erotic Healing: Daka Work & Sacred Spot

A Daka is a skilled guide and sacred facilitator of erotic/spiritual healing and integration, nurturing and serving the awakening, release, and elevation/integration of your life force energies, your primal Shakti. This work can be a powerful accelerator of healing and fulfillment at every level, and is profoundly honoring and empowering.

David also works with men in developing and deepening embodiment of their mature masculine eros: within themselves, in relationships, and in Tantric embrace of life.

“My sessions with David have brought me some of the most profound healings I have experienced. He has the ability to intuit needs and desires from a deep place of reverence for the mysteries of the erotic healing arts, and move us both, with integrity and care, into the energy that arises within that space. With laser sharp awareness, his exquisitely responsive hands, heart, and breath move in time with my own rhythms. Each session I find myself deepening ever more into a peaceful surrender to the unfolding of my own process that leaves me both enlivened and deeply relaxed. I highly recommend David to anyone who wants to drop deeply into themselves, cradled within the safe and loving container that he holds.”
~ Gwen

“David was so welcoming, so warm and easy, I felt at ease right from the start. And oh, to be met, so deeply and fully met, in ways I didn’t even know I wanted, in ways I haven’t even been meeting myself. I felt seen, and better than seen — beheld — in my entirety, beheld and approved and celebrated. In every word, gesture, touch, I felt David’s intention to gently remind me, to convince me, of my goddessness, It was truly a gift beyond words.”
~ A Private Client

“Thank you for showing us what an emotionally available and rooted masculine looks like.”
~ Cathleene Cienfuegos, Tantra Teacher, CA

Mentoring for Dakinis & Dakas

Mentoring for Dakinis, Dakas, & other professionals:
Deepen the Integrity & Scope of What You Do

David feels a special calling towards mentoring Tantra and other sex professionals. His first romantic partnership with one was in the 90’s, and he’s been a supportive confidant, friend, and healer to many since then. There are many unique issues that come up in this field, issues of shame and self-esteem, boundaries and edges, social judgments, your personal desires and containing energy, putting arousal to good use in the service of healing and awakening, ambivalence and knowing if this work is right for you, and in what way. Reclaiming the healing role of a sacred intimate, refining the associated arts, and working through our own issues in owning and integrating it. A sacred intimate can meet with The One Longing (for Union), in whatever form it presents in the client, holding it in loving care and affirmation, and delicately leading them towards deeper authenticity, self-connection, release from centuries of distortion, and connecting the sexual roots of our personal power with our hearts.

The Erotic Healing Arts practitoner certificate training
is now available!
Work in a group setting within a 3 month journey that starts with a live opening intensive weekend, and continues through online group and private sessions.
Check it out here:

“I’m so grateful to know David and to work with him as a Tantric partner, friend and healer. David embodies such deep presence and wisdom, I am truly inspired by him. He is certainly up to the task of holding space for emotional triggers when/if they arise to help heal them, and his unconditional love, clarity, and way of being is a breath of fresh air for anyone who is looking to embody more of their sexual and sensual nature. He honors boundaries and holds such beautiful space for the feminine. He is compassionate and so loving and warm. I feel blessed by his presence.”
~ Paloma

“Thank you for showing us what an emotionally available and rooted masculine looks like.”
~ Cathleene Cienfuegos, Tantra Teacher, CA

Details & Pricing

Session Work Details

Individual Sessions:

  • All sessions except Daka work are typically 1-1.5 hours, we allow a 2 hour slot just in case.
  • Sessions can flow freely to any topic, modality, or content type as needed.
  • Daka sessions are 3 hours, and include a 30 minute follow up call or visit.
  • Sessions must be paid for in advance. (except installment plans)
  • Sessions are via Zoom video conference (this works great!), or can be in person if we are in the same city.
  • House calls may be available for an additional fee, depending on distance and timing.
  • It is most effective (and more economical) to commit to a package of sessions, but you are welcome to book one at a time.
  • Packages may be paid for up front (best discount) or in an installment plan (additional fee, but still discounted).
  • Installment plans auto-debit the agreed amount weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly until complete.
  • Flow of sessions is as needed, and does not have to match schedule of payments.
  • Often people want sessions closer together at the start of working together.
  • Once per week is a good frequency, closer is possible if you request.
  • More than 2 weeks between coaching sessions really thins out the container, and is not recommended.
  • Daka sessions work well at intervals of 1-3 weeks apart.
  • Sliding scale or scholarships may be available, please ask if genuinely needed. <3

For Couples and Groups:

  • Couple sessions can be for Love Coaching, Tantra Guidance, Communication Coaching, or Mediation.
  • I also work with groups: Poly Love Coaching, Business/Project groups, or Visioning & Community Building.
  • I am also available for Restorative Justice & Compassionate Interventions, start with a free consultation please.
  • Group sessions typically take longer, custom pricing discussed at free consultation.
  • The other policies above also apply to couple & group sessions.
Session & Package Pricing

Costs for sessions and packages:

Number Session Type Time in Session Cost in one payment Each Cost with Installments Each
1  Individual: Coaching or Bodywork  1-2 hours $120 $120 n/a n/a
5  Individual Session Package  1-2 hours $500 $100  $550  $110
7  Individual Session Package  1-2 hours $665 $95  $700 $100
10  Individual Session Package  1-2 hours $900  $90  $950  $95
1  Couple Session  1-2 hours $140  $140 n/a  n/a
5  Couple Session Package  1-2 hours $600  $120 $650  $130
7  Couple Session Package  1-2 hours  $770  $110  $840 $120
10  Couple Session Package  1-2 hours  $1000  $100  $1100 $110
1 Daka Session (+ 30 min follow up) 3 Hours $350  $350 n/a  n/a
3 Daka Session (+ 30 min follow up)  3 hours  $900  $300  $975  $325
5 Daka Session (+ 30 min follow up)  3 hours  $1375  $275  $1500 $300
7 Daka Session (+ 30 min follow up)  3 hours  $1750  $250  $1925  $275

Special Bonus:
with 5 or more individual or couple sessions, 3 or more Daka sessions
Get 20% off Passionate Awakenings Training Level 1: Erotic Devotion,
or 10% off package price for 5 or more Evening/Afternoon workshops.

Free Consultation Request

A free consultation is usually about 30 minutes long. We’ll get to know each other a bit, you can ask me any questions, tell me about your needs and situation, and feel me out. I’ll honestly tell you my thoughts, feelings, and suggestions. We’ll explore if and how we are a fit to work together, what that would look like, and discuss the logistics. We can do this on a phone call, but I prefer a Zoom video conference if possible. I look forward to meeting you!